Kafkai plugin for WordPress

Download directly here.


Open Kafkai > Settings, and enter your username and password. Click Save Settings.

The plugin is now connected to your Kafkai account.

Generate Article

This is very similar to the generation in the Kafkai app. Select a niche and optionally add a seed under advanced. If you don't want a seeded article, leave the field empty.

Once the article generation has been scheduled, give it a few minutes, then open the Import Article page.

Import Article

This page lists all articles from your account. It refreshes automatically every 24 hours, or you can click the Refresh List button on top to do it manually.

To import an article as a post into your blog, click on an article, select the Status (draft, published, etc.), the Author, and click Import Article. Click on the green message in the top right to immediately open the post.

You can now edit the post as any other.

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