How to Generate Articles

Generating articles is pretty straightforward. On your dashboard, you will see all supported niches. To generate an article, select your niche and then click Generate. This will start the article generation which takes less than a minute. All articles ready for review can be found on the sidebar.  Using the Advanced feature
You can use the Advanced feature when you want to generate very specific topics for your niche. For example, if you want an article on keto diet, just click on the Advanced button, select the niche (Weight Loss in this case), enter a topic sentence or keywords (keto diet, how to lose weight with keto, etc.) and then click Generate.
When you enter a title/keyword, it will take a few minutes longer to generate the article. You will see the notification on the sidebar once it's ready for review.
Please note that the quality of the output will greatly depend on how the title is written and selecting the appropriate niche so we suggest testing a few approaches and seeing which works best.

If for example you're searching for the keywords "outdoor patio" on the Weight Loss niche, that will obviously return gibberish articles. If on the other hand you selected the Home Improvement niche, then the articles generated should be spot on. 

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