Zapier Integration

To set up Zapier, follow the steps below.

1. Log into Zapier and click on the large + icon to make a Zap.

2. On the Choose App & Event, search for Kafkai then select the New Article event. 

3. Click Continue and then log in to your Kafkai account.

4. Once you've added your Kafkai account, proceed to  Customize Article by clicking on CONTINUE.

5. In here, you control which articles gets published to your blog. Select the Niche for the articles you want to publish. You can select multiple niches.

6. Proceed by clicking on CONTINUE and then test the trigger. Confirm that you have articles on your Kafkai Archive that met the criteria.

7. For the Do This part, search for WordPress and select the Create Post event.

8. Click CONTINUE and log in to your WordPress blog. Enter the URL of your blog along with the username and password for the desired author account.

9. Once that's done, proceed with Customizing the Post. Specify the desired status the blog post should have when sent to WordPress and select or enter the name of the author.

10. After filling out any other desired fields, click CONTINUE then send a test post to WordPress by clicking TEST & CONTINUE.

11. Head over to your WordPress blog and verify that the article was created successfully. If everything looks good then head back to Zapier, give the Zap a name and enable it.

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