Best Practices for Seeding

Think of Kafkai as a human writer. When you're giving it seeds, think if a human would be able to write a full article from that.

The writer works by reading the last 100 words and then continue writing based on what was written before. You cannot give it bullet points on which it would expand in the full article.

The best way to think about seed is to imagine an intro into a long article that tells everything that will be discussed in the article.

Examples of good seeds

Broad, common titles ("How to lose weight")

If the title you're using has been used a ton of times on the internet, it's a great way to generate a good article.

Paragraphs that have a natural flow into explanations

These are usually good intro paragraphs that explain what is written in the next few paragraphs.

Paragraphs that give a lot of different information

The more information you give Kafkai, the easier it finds something to work with.

Examples of poor seeds

Titles that can't expand into a full article

If the title has a yes or no or a 1-2 sentence answer, then it's probably not going to produce good articles.

Paragraphs that are a finished unit

Does the paragraph tell you everything about the topic? If it's a summary-type paragraph instead of an intro-type, results will probably not be that good.

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